How does one get access to the Google MicroSite?

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How does one get access to the Google MicroSite? Empty How does one get access to the Google MicroSite?

Post  Administrator on Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:53 pm

There’s a few different ways to get access to your Microsite

Version 1

1. Log into your AGD Patient Alerts account.
2. On the lower left side of your page you will see the Microsite tab (looks like a green ball)
3. Once in your Microsite tab click on the button “View My Microsite”. This will open up a new page that is your viewable Microsite on the web.

Version 2

1. If you have one or all of the following features turned on Appointment Reminders, Re-care Reminders/Reactivation, Dormant Patient Reactivation or Newsletters
2. Each of these emails to your patients will have all or one of two of the following buttons a) make an appointment b) refer a friend
3. When a patient clicks make an appointment they are directed to the Microsite they choose a day and time for a preferred appointment. They then click “Submit”. Your office gets an email to say Patient X would like an appointment on May 30th in the morning. Your staff call the patient to schedule the appointment or propose a new time
4. A patient can click the “refer a friend” button on the email. Here the patient is brought to the Microsite. They add their friends email address and a personal note and click submit. The friend receives an email with the personal note and a link to the Microsite to learn more about you. The potential new patient can read all the positive reviews, can email your office, call your office or click on your website.

Version 3

It takes around 8 weeks for the Microsite to be picked up by the search engines. A new patient can Google by key word and city or zip code and the Microsite will list on Google


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