Do My Patients Get Charged for Text messages?

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Do My Patients Get Charged for Text messages? Empty Do My Patients Get Charged for Text messages?

Post  Administrator on Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:43 pm

This is a great question and is a legitimate concern. Text messages can work three ways with your patients

1. The patient has turned off text messages on their phone. They did this through their phone provider and so can not receive text messages (this is a small % of the population).

2. Patients do not have a text plan and will be charged on a per text basis. This is outside our control. From your perspective you would prefer for a patient to get a text message reminder and refund them the 10 cents. We recommend a jar that says take a dime if you received a text message from us. This is a fun way to get around it.

3. Many patients have a text message plan and so incur no extra cost.

Keep in mind if a patient says to you that they do not want to receive text messages you can turn them off in your AGD Patient Alerts account.


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